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R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

Posted by: 5dollarshoes on 11/02/2010

Esparadrapo #6

Posted by: Bruno on 26/01/2010

O pato, a morte e a tulipa.

Posted by: 5dollarshoes on 12/01/2010

forgotten tunes. shade.

Posted by: Neto on 04/12/2009

Nunca é demais…

Posted by: Neto on 25/11/2009

You want the truth?

Posted by: Neto on 20/11/2009

forgotten tunes. kinky afro.

Posted by: Neto on 17/11/2009


Posted by: Tomás Lima on 07/11/2009

C.S.I’s Bullet Time

Posted by: Neto on 26/10/2009

Bomba sobre Los Hermanos!

Posted by: Tomás Lima on 22/10/2009